DJI Crystalsky New FPV Monitors for DJI Drones

DJI Crystalsky-Monitor: an FPV Monitor for DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro, Inspire 1

DJI released the new DJI Crystalsky monitor along with the Phantom 4 Professional and DJI Inspire 2 . The Crystalsky is basically an FPV screen, which is compatible with most of the DJI drones. Thanks to the built-in DJI GO app,  ports and extremely low latency, the DJI Crystalsky Monitor is a better alternative than the traditional smartphone, it is especially suitable for professional users.

Price: The 5.5 inch display costs 300, – Euro, if you purchase it along with the Phantom 4 Pro. The price of the standalone version and the price of the larger display is currently unknown.


DJI Crystalsky: An Alternative Display 


DJI introduced the DJI GO app – an application for Android and iOS devices – as a ground station. For professional users, this solution did not really prove to be a good thing: using a third party companies device lead to firmware problems . Remote controls with integrated display  made a much more professional impression. The Crystalsky screen fits perfectly into the DJI ecosystem thanks to numerous features.

The lighter screen suits better for outdoors 

The DJI Crystalsky Monitor is available in two different sizes. It is compatible with the Phantom series, the Inspire series, the Mavic  and DJI Matrice models. DJI offers the Crystalsky in a 5.5 inch version with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and a 7.85 inch version with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.




Resistant against Viruses and Malware


The DJI Crystalsky Monitor comes with a built-in DJI GO app. Unnecessary Android apps and services are no longer required. It makes the Crystalsky Monitor resistant to viruses, malware and and to any other junk software. The permanently installed DJI GO app offers full access to telemetry data and flight parameters, camera control, photo and video material or FPV image.


4.920 mAh Battery and  numerous plug-points 




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