DJI Inspire 2 Released


DJI Inspire 2 Released

DJI has announced the release of the Inspire 2, their latest and greatest drone yet with features like obstacle avoidance in a 3D environment and not just in front, active track, tap fly, quickspin, live tv broadcasting, 7km range, 108km/hr flight speed, dual batteries for longer flight, as well as an FPV camera and a 5.2K Raw Camera.

The drone has a sleek Magnesium Aluminium Composite moulded shell and the usual carbon fibre landing gear. Flight time is estimated at 27 minutes.

The sensors on the Inspire 2 let it avoid obstacles in 2 directions which gives it the capability to have Smart Return Home and avoid obstacles while returning home.

SpotLight Pro is a complex system using algorithms to sense and track moving objects. This means, even solo drone operators can achieve highly professional results.



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