New LEAKED information on the new DJI Spark


The masters of drone design at DJI have created a new and exciting Drone called the Spark. Rumours and speculation have been flying around the internet recently as people are dying to see know what the DJI Spark is going to look like. Well, we have been researching this extensively to find out as much information as possible to hopefully shed some light onto this mysterious drone. DJI drones have always been highly intelligent, creative and innovative, with drones such as the Mavic pro and Phantom 4 performing so well and being incredibly popular it is not hard to see why there is such a buzz about their new creation.


The Design

So, let’s start with how it’s going to look. Luckily, there have been a few leaked photos that have made their way around certain websites so we have been able to get a good idea of its style and design. It appears that the new DJI Spark drone will be considerably smaller than usual, measuring approximately 130x150mm or 14cmx17cm. As you can see on this link, it appears to be roughly half the size of the Mavic Pro. Similar to the famous Mavic Pro, it looks like it has fixed arms and brushless motors. From the pictures, it seems there is a panel on the front, possibly covering a sensor to detect obstacles, as well as downward-facing sensors to assist with accurate positioning. So far we have seen it in red, white and black so it looks like it will be available in different colours.  Made from the same strong plastic as the 450 and 550 Flame Wheel drones, this new drone will be extremely durable so you can rest assured it won’t break easily.


The motors are different from the Mavic Pro as they are smaller which makes the Spark more efficient, able to keep flight times high. We have also noticed that on the back on this drone there is a Micro SD card and USB slot. Many people have speculated that it will use a USB Type-C connector, meaning it will be able to be charged with anything capable of supplying power via USB making charging easy and convenient.



The Camera

When it comes to the camera, although the specs are still officially unknown, what we can tell you is that the camera is mounted on a gimbal and will be able to tilt up and down. What we did find out from a credible source who claims they have seen the specs sheet is that the camera will be capable of 12MP photographs and 4K video. As well as this, it is expected to have two cameras, one of which will be a wide angled lens as the housing for the camera is oval in shape and not round.


The use

Now that we have covered what it will look like, the next big question is what will it be used for? Well, many forums and sites are speculating that it will be used for drone racing, whereas others are claiming it will be a selfie drone. If the Spark drone incorporates the already very intelligent controls of the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro then it is safe to say it could be an amazing selfie drone. That being said, many people are saying it will be compatible with the DJI’s FPV goggles making it a great little but powerful racing drone. Although we are sadly unable to give you a definite answer, we are certain that, no matter what it’s primarily used for, it will be fast, elegant and powerful as this is what you can always rely on when it comes to a DJI drone.


The Controller

You might now be wondering about the controller? Well unfortunately so are we. This is the one part of the DJI Spark that has not yet been leaked. This could either be because they have designed a brand new ground-breaking controller and what to keep it a secret for as long as possible, or that perhaps the controller will be an app on your smartphone.


There is no official release date just yet but we are hopeful that this will be revealed soon as we cannot wait much longer! If we are able to get any new information then we will let you know, but for now, you may want to keep an eye out as we are sure that when this is released it will be a big deal.

5 thoughts on “New LEAKED information on the new DJI Spark

  1. DroneZon says:

    Great article. You definitely seem to have the inside story on this new DJI Spark. As you say, it is either going to be a racing drone or a selfie. I am thinking more towards the selfie drone at this point. We will have to wait another bit longer. Edge of the seat stuff.

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