Will Electric Skateboards change the way we look at transport?

Thanks to things like drones, virtual reality headsets and electric skateboards, the future seems closer than ever. What was once science fiction is now science fact, drones are flying in the skies, people are changing their reality and now electric skateboards are becoming a new way of travelling. Whether you want one to make your daily commute easier or just to enjoy at the weekends, an electric skateboard will provide you with an enjoyable, easy and exciting way of getting around. However, as more and more people look to buy these it does make you wonder if this will have an impact on the future of transport. We know that one day all cars will eventually be electric, but what about other vehicles and methods of transport? Could the popularity of electric skateboards mean that more of us ditch public transport and take a more individual transport approach?



Electric skateboards effects on transport


After many bumps and bruises, the electric skateboard has finally arrived and it was definitely worth the wait. Going from strength to strength, these modern and futuristic creations are paving the way in transport innovation. Thanks to it being eco-friendly, fun, practical and easy to use the electric skateboard could be slowly changing the way we see transport. Instead of cars, buses and trains could a more personal and individual method of transportation be the answer? In South Africa last year it was reported that around 25,000 people lost their lives due to vehicle accidents alone. A truly horrifying statistic, but one that can be changed if more people turn to a different method of commuting. Less people behind the wheel and more people using electric transport, such as e-skateboards, could mean a lot less fatalities, a healthier environment and cleaner roads. The effect of electric skateboards in South Africa is purely positive as they create a safer and more enjoyable journey.


Electric Skateboards in South Africa


Like all types of technology, transport is constantly evolving and updating. It feels like the electric skateboard has been in the making for a long time now, but it is finally here and people seem to be loving it. Not surprising either as not only do they look fantastic and are fun to ride but they can also take a lot of hassle and stress away from your journey. Electric skateboards in South Africa deliver a fast and fun ride without you having to break a sweat, perfect for those morning commutes. It seems these are going the same way as drones and virtual reality headsets and becoming the new big thing. Not just a fad either, electric skateboards look set to stay for a long time as more and more people are seeing how these can improve their lives. However, if you are looking at getting one then there are a few things to consider first, so here at Smashtronics we thought we would help. We have put together a small buyer’s guide including the 10 main things you should check when purchasing an electric skateboard in South Africa:


  • Weight and length – This is something that we can easily overlook when purchasing an electric skateboard in South Africa as we can be seduced by the style and design. But remember to think that a larger and heavier electric skateboard will be much less portable and could become very annoying over time. If you need it for a daily commute then you might want to invest in a smaller, lighter board, but if you are just using it occasionally at the weekends then the weight and size won’t be that much of a problem.


  • Material – It’s worth checking the material of the electric skateboard first before buying it to ensure it’s not made out of cheap plastic. They need to be strong and durable and a skateboard made out of poor materials is not only going to be annoying when it breaks but also more dangerous to use.


  • Battery Life – Some electric skateboards are designed for more recreational use and others are more for your daily commute. Because the designs and functions differ so does the quality of battery. It goes without saying that the longer the battery life the better, so always check first the electric skateboard has been designed with that in mind.


  • Power – Remember that power and battery life are two very different things. A powerful electric skateboard means you will be able to get to your destination sooner, whereas an under-powered skateboard will of course be slower and possibly a waste of money.


  • Wheels – You may assume that the wheels will of course be durable, but sadly you might be wrong. The wheels are equally as important as the actual board and are essential in providing you with a smooth and stable ride. Some expensive electric skateboards can actually come with poor wheels, cracking after a few rides. Always check that the wheels are highly recommended. Don’t forget that you can buy electric skateboard kits too, that way you can build your own perfect skateboard. However, if you are going to build this yourself always be certain the wheels are the right size for your board as these can vary.


  • Noise – If you are going to be using your electric skateboard in large public areas, such as for a commute, then you might want something that isn’t too noisy. Some are quieter than others so check first to see how loud it can be.


  • Control – Hugely important to both the practicality and enjoyment of riding an electric skateboard is how well you can control it. There are different types of wireless controllers available, all of which differ in size and shape, so be sure to check that the controller you get fits comfortably in your hand and is highly responsive.


  • Waterproof – Depending on where you live will depend on how waterproof this needs to be, however, some electric skateboards will be more waterproof than others so it is always worth checking.


  • Capacity – If you a larger than average person then you might need a more powerful electric skateboard in South Africa, there will be more weight pushing down as well as more wind resistance. A larger, more powerful battery would be able to cope with the extra weight and resistance and not slow down your ride.


  • Mods and Customizations – Skateboarders have been customizing their own boards for decades now, adding mods and new designs to create their own unique style. The good news is that this hasn’t changed for electric skateboards as these can be customized too. However, some electric skateboards will be easier to customize than others so be sure to check that the one you are buying is compatible with different decks and easy to customize.

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