DroneCare 1 year Service Plan

DroneCare is a service plan brought to you by Smashtronics and DroneCore that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use. During DroneCare’s period of validity, if accidental damage occurs during normal use, repair fees and related costs will be covered by Smashtronics and DroneCore.

By purchasing DroneCare, you will receive a coverage amount equal to the price of your aircraft for repair service within the validity period, providing you with worry free flight during this period.

There is no limit to the number of times your aircraft can be repaired, provided the coverage amount is not exceeded. Your aircraft will be repaired for free as long as repair costs and aircraft conditions are within the DroneCare coverage requirements.

Coverage :

Currently available only for Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro bought through Smashtronics. If purchased in the last few months, we require that the drone is tested by us before purchasing DroneCare. During DroneCare’s period of validity, if damage occurs accidentally under normal use, the repair fees and related costs incurred will be undertaken by Smashtronics according to this agreement, as follows:

For damage to aircraft, gimbal or camera due to dropping, squeezing or crashing caused by operator error or other accidents, Smashtronics will offer free repairs if the equipment is sent to us within the period of validity.

This plan does not cover:

1) Lost or partially lost aircraft and accessories.
2) Stolen or abandoned aircraft and accessories.
3) Damage caused by flight under unsuitable flight conditions.
4) Any repair fees resulting from or following water damage.
5) Repair fees for battery, propellers, remote controller or other accessories.
6) Deliberate losses.
7) Abrasions and shell damage that do not affect the performance of the aircraft.
8) Direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure.
9) Repair requests for damage incurred outside the period of validity.
10) Indirect loss and/or anticipated profit in any form.
11) Extra fees resulting from technical enhancements or performance improvements.
12) Personal injury and/or property loss to the customer or any other people caused by the aircraft.
13) Any legal fees related to DroneCare’s warranty coverage.

14) DJI Drones bought from other dealers or from international channels.

15) Non DJI Drones

16) DJI Drones bought from us prior to July 2016.

17) DJI Drones which have not been tested and approved for DroneCare by us first.

Note that this is a 3rd Party service and is not linked in any way to DJI.


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