Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro Drone from Smashtronics

Our Mavic Pro Drone offers you a truly immersive and unique flying experience. Created by the world leading innovative designers at DJI, the Mavic Pro Drone offers a 4k Stabilized camera, outstanding flight performance, OcuSync Transmission System with a MASSIVE 7km range as well as a compact and handy design. This drone is small yet powerful and includes 24 high-performance computing cores as well as an all-new transmission system. The Mavic Pro includes Tap Fly and Active Track modes

Please feel free to take a look below at what products we have in our range and enjoy what the Mavic Pro drone can do. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.

R25,599 Incl. VAT
This item will be released on Soon.
R20,995 R19,999 Incl. VAT
This item will be released on Soon.
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