30x optical zoom gimbal for Matrice 100 and Inspire 1

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Product Description

30x optical zoom gimbal for Matrice 100 and Inspire 1


Product Description

> Finally it is here. The DRONExpert Sony RX100 gimbal for the DJI Matrice 100 and DJI Inspire 1.
With the Sony RX100 camera on your M100 or Inspire 1 you will be able to create amazing images and videos.
> The Sony RX100 gimbal is included with an DRONExpert touch LCD remote control which allows you to remotely control: tilt, shutter, record and optical zoom. Because of the optical zoom the RX100 setup is very useful for inspections.
> The video feedback (FPV) goes through included lighbridge N1 so provides you optimal range and sharp video feedback.
> Also compatible with Sony WX500, this camera has 30x optical zoom. The optical zoom is also remotely controlled.

– Sony RX100/WX500 3 axis gimbal
– Integrated lightbridge N1
– DRONExpert touch LCD remote (for controlling tilt, shutter, record and optical zoom)
– Connection material
– Manuals


The gimbal uses the multiport connection. The first RX100 camera (mark 1) has no multiport and therefore not compatible.

Compatible cameras

: Sony RX100II, RX100III, RX100IV and WX500.


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