Tau2 Thermal Cam Gimbal and Controller Combo

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Product Description

Tau2 Thermal Cam Gimbal and Controller Combo

Product Description

– Expand the capabilities of your Phantom 3 with the thermal setup from DRONExpert! Use it for (example) operations as diverse as industrial inspection, solar panel inspection, search and rescue and pipeline surveys etc.
– This package is complete and provided with the thermal FLIR TAU2camera (FLIR is the most popular brand worldwide in thermal imaging). Within no-time your Phantom 3 is thermal ready-to-fly.
– Dual screen: Watch daylight and thermal view simultaneously on two screens.
– This setup is provided with an additional DRONExpert LCD touch controller, for controlling the thermal FLIR TAU2 camera (tilting, digital zoom, palettes, isotherm, delta-t)
– The FLIR thermal camera is provided with an gimbal for stabilized image.
– Within this setup both camera’s can be controlled separately, so you also can aim (tilt) the FLIR camera to another direction then the daylight camera
– Complete setup, without sUAV Phantom 3. Plug-and-play installation

With the same powerful thermal imaging core used in the most popular cameras in the world, FLIR gives the same performance for a ground breaking low price, making it perfect for applications like:
– Search and rescue
– Precision agriculture
– Roof inspections
– Power line inspections
– Substation inspections
– Cell tower inspections
– Security
– Surveying
– And anything else you can dream up


– Flir TAU2 336 thermal camera (lens of choice)
– DRONExpert FLIR gimbal for stabilised thermal video with integrated video transmitter
– DRONExpert controller with touch LCD for controlling the thermal camera remotely (tilt, digital zoom, palettes, isotherm, delta-t)
– 7″ LCD with 5.8 FPV diversity receiver
– Manual for installation

– DVR recorder installed on gimbal 229 euro
– Upgrade to FLIR TAU2 640 (lens of choice)  3072 euro

Q: What is the main difference between the FLIR TAU2 and FLIR VUE camera:
A: The cameras have some differences, but the biggest difference is that the TAU2 is radiometric (14 bit), and therefore DRONExpert is able to remotely control the isotherm and delta-t. On the VUE camera you can control the tilt, palettes and digital zoom, on the TAU2 you can control the tilt, palettes, digital zoom, isotherm and delta-t. In most professional applications this might be needed.

Q:What can you do with radiometric Isotherm and Delta-t:
A: Delta-t and Isotherm is a good feature to have within professional application.  This is best explained with an example: when you do ‘search and rescue’ (SAR human detection) you can set the Isotherm on (for example) 36 degree and set delta-t on 1 degree. Temperatures on 36 degree will be highlighted very strong descending to 35 and 37 (1 degree Delta-t), so 35 degree will be little less highlighted then 36 degree. This way you can specify an window temperature which make spotting this temp easier.

Q: Can i also buy the package for installation on my own sUAV:
A: Yes, no problem, we also deliver the gimbal package + FLIR camera with instruction for installation on your own sUAV!


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