Dstv Installations Johannesburg South

DSTV INSTALLATIONS Johannesburg South | DSTV INSTALLERS Johannesburg South | DSTV INSTALLERS Johannesburg South

DSTV Installations Johannesburg South have many packages to choose from and our DSTV Call Centre will explain all the different packages offered.

We are DSTV Installers in  Johannesburg South and we are here to assist you with your full DSTV Installations.  DSTV Installations Johannesburg South  are able assist with all services and repairs on your DSTV Decoder and Dish as well. Our DSTV Installers Johannesburg South are fully equipped and highly and highly trained for the installation required. Our DSTV Installers and Call Centre are able to assist you with all your queries, whether it may be a new installation, a problem with decoder or your dish, service and repairs.

DSTV REPAIRS  Johannesburg South

There are a few DSTV Packages that you can choose and each package consists of different amount of channels.  For the full benefit of DSTV the package that contains the most channels would be the option to choose, you will have access to all channels offered from DSTV, all movie channels, reality channels, food channels, news channels, children channels, documentary channels and all sports channel.

DSTV SINGLE VIEW Johannesburg South

The DSTV Single View is for the use of only 1 decoder. Our DSTV Installations  Johannesburg South will install the DSTV Single View for you. The DSTV Single View does not allow you to view different channels on different televisions this is merely your standard DSTV Package.

DSTV XTRAView Johannesburg South

DSTV XTRAView allows you do view different channels on different television sets.  This will require more than one DSTV decoder Installation, and each DSTV Decoder will come at an extra cost. You are able to view separate programmes at the same time allowing you to not miss any of your favourite programmes shall another person want to watch an entirely different programme.

DSTV PVR DECODER Johannesburg South

The DSTV PVR Decoder is the decoder where you are able to record programmes and well as stop/pause a programme that you are watching and not miss out on any of your favourite programmes.  Our DSTV Installers Johannesburg South will assist you with the set up and explain how the decoder works so that you get the best use of DSTV. This is the most popular choice fro DSTV.

DSTV EXTRAVIEW Johannesburg South

DSTV SHOMAX is new to the DSTV Packages and will require connection to your internet our DSTV Installers will assist with the full set up for you.  DSTV Extraview is a separate package to DSTV Allowing you to view newest series, movies and many other programmes to choose from.  DSTV Extraview has become very popular and is second best to Netflix.

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Contact DSTV Installations Johannesburg South  today get your DSTV Installed and get ready for endless entertainment.